Production for the Defense Industry

We are licensed by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Republic of Poland (MSWiA) for the production and distribution of military and police equipment, making us a reliable supplier for the defense industry. Our MSWiA license is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and safety required in this sector. This allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only innovative but also reliable and compliant with stringent technical requirements.

Subcontracting services:

Our expertise extends to custom production runs tailored to client specifications. CNC turning and milling of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, structural steel, and plastics
– Forging and casting of brass components
– Small and large-scale production, including OEM services

Product Range:

Brass fittings for central heating systems, water distribution, and Propane-Butane gas supply installations
Fasteners for high and low-pressure Propane-Butane and CNG applications, including automotive installations
Filtration assemblies and inserts using materials such as bulpren, paper, and fiberglass

Products manufacturing

– High-efficiency CNC turning centers with bar feeders
– CNC milling centers equipped with precision measuring probes
– Vibratory finishing equipment for smoother surfaces and edges
– Laser marking for product customization
– Ultrasonic cleaning for precision degreasing
– Threading, drilling, and cutting capabilities
– hydraulic presses
– pneumatic glue dispensers
– leak test stations
– o-ring application devices
– automatic packing machines
– semi-automatic presses
– pad printing marking devices
– high-quality measuring instruments

Our Technological Capabilities

– CNC turning of bars with a diameter up to Ø 65 mm and part length up to 550 mm, max turning diameter Ø 300 mm
– CNC milling with a working space of 1000x540x620
– 4-axis machining capability
– Vibratory finishing (trowalization) for smoother surfaces and rounded edges
– Laser marking for giving each product a unique character
– Ultrasonic cleaning, including degreasing parts
– Threading
– Drilling
– Cutting